HW due 11/17

Tomorrow, Tuesday, you will receive a list of study topics for the test, but no specific study guide. The test on Thursday will be a checking for understanding of things we have been learning about, not a new set of topics to memorize. You have everything you need already in your binder (or already in your head).

Tonight, focus on geography. Study your Middle East geography. You do not need to know every country, but you will be asked to identify some major countries on a Middle East map, along with a few important cities. These include the Occupied Palestinian Territories (occupied by Israel) in the inset map. Use the extra outline map I gave you to study with.

Tomorrow, we will also practice outlining again, this time using the Afghanistan articles and recent events as our data so we can make a group outline on a real topic. On the test, you'll be asked to put some of your answers in an outline form, so you need to know how to do it.

We will also finish the film, Empire of Faith, before the test on Thursday.

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