I am pleased to be joining you at Riverdale this year! I am originally from Kansas, taught in Italy for a while, and then have been downtown in Greenwich Village for the past 15 years. Now I am lucky to be teaching you.

We'll be learning about the promise and reality of the American Dream as we explore the history of the United States.

I love teaching, and I especially love middle school students.cool

I hope you'll join me on a journey of discovery as we uncover the past. Not every American story is an easy one, but in the process of telling the truth, you'll emerge as expert historians and uncover your own abilities as thinkers, researchers, and writers.


HW due Thu., 5/26

Read the primary source, "Slavery in Virginia." Answer the three questions at the end, #1-3, on the same page.


HW due Wed., 5/25

Read the first part of  "A Slave's Story," through the Middle Passage (stop at Barbados Slave Market).


HW due Tue., 5/24

Read about Southern colonies/New France/Spain, pp. 86-92. Answer #1-5 (just define #1).

Read ONLY (no questions) the next section in the next chapter, pp. 100-106.


HW due Fri., 5/20

p. 81, #1-2 (graph)
p. 95, # 19-20 (map)
You can do this work on the same piece of paper you used for #1-5, p. 85; you'll turn it all in tomorrow.


HW due Thu., 5/19

Read Section 2, pp. 82-85. Answer #1-5. Define the vocab. in #1; don't write a paragraph.