HW due Mon., 11/16

YOU DO NOT HAVE A TEST MON., 11/16. THE TEST IS ON THURSDAY, AS I SAID BEFORE. SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION, AND THANKS TO OONA FOR POINTING IT OUT. Things to begin reviewing: Middle East geography (you can use the blank map I gave you), pillars of Islam, monotheist religions, Islamic empires, Sunni and Shi'ah, origins of Islam. We will review these things and outlining next week.

Due Monday:

Revised paragraph, final copy: Origins and Spread of Islam. Make sure it is double spaced with a title. Attach the rough copy to the back.

Also due:

Community Service Report. Below are the instructions:


This year, you will be given a choice about HOW you report back to us about your community service each trimester. The main thing is this idea: your reports are IMPORTANT.

For those of you who are community service veterans from last year, you may recall that you were all required to write written reports. This time around, we want to make the responses to your service more special. Although you may still turn in a written report if it’s your own personal style, you are encouraged to think creatively about a different way to “report,” as long as it gives us the answers to the following questions:

  1. WHAT and WHERE were the events? Describe them.
  2. WHY were these activities meaningful examples of community service? What did you learn from them? How did they help others?

YOU choose the medium: could be written, PowerPoint, psa, movie, poster, artwork, song (performed privately or in public), skit, poem, lyric, and so on. Consult with Ms. Allen.


Mon., November 16

Mon., February 15

Mon., May 24

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