HW due Thu., 1/6/11

Work on the following things in preparation for starting the project, "Islam Then and Now." Bring them to class
for our work project. You have the tasks (A-D) on the calendar I gave you for class, and here they are as well:

A. Write a movie review of "Afghan Star." Explain why pop music can bring a war-torn nation together (you will have an "Afghan Star" link on your website).
B. Use the website, "Mideast Tunes" to zero in on at least two musical artists you want to feature on your website. Collect (copy from the site) all the data you can on them and their music/songs (two different countries, please; you will also have a music link on your website).
C. Prepare a resource material notebook with whatever you have collected and your current working bibliography. Make sure the notebook has a pocket or some way to contain notecards.
D. Read project description (you will get it tomorrow), and get a parent signature.

Here is the website for the project. You can download a copy of the project to preview it here:

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