HW due Mon., 1/10/11

Create a bibliography of 10 sources in correct format. You can use a combination of the SLS library site and Bib Me for the formatting. Use alphabetical order. Indent!

Use the St. Luke's Library website to create a list of favorite books and websites, and then go from there. You can even use the "citation" link to pre-format the sources, and then combine them with the textbook bibliography sources (corrected, of course!).

Also on Monday, you will be expected to have FOUR books on Islam for notetaking (your textbooks and one other book you have checked out). You can also print up website articles. We will begin notetaking on Monday. We will learn how to make websites beginning next Thursday.

Here is the link to the library website:

Log in after you click "St. Luke's School."
To log in, use you first initial and your last name. The password is "slsstudent".

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