HW due Tue., 11/16

Get your prayer manual evaluation sheet signed.

Then, choose among the options below for a homework assignment. Don't spend more than about 30 minutes on it -- it shouldn't be a long assignment. Due tomorrow.

Travel Imagination: menu of choices
Use Islamic empires, ch. 1-2, and islam, pp. 4-7.

• Pretend you are preparing for a journey to the Islamic empires. Draw the clothing you will take/wear. Below it, note why you will wear this clothing (nothing fancy). Just don’t do this on notebook paper. Make it a designer sheet.

• Make a cool grocery list for the market of food and drink items. Then make an un-list of things you must remind yourself NOT to buy tonight (maybe you can put a skull and cross bones on it!). Remember, haram and halal. Maybe you can make a list of guidelines for yourself.

• Pretend you grew up back then. Give yourself an Arabian name and tell us about your family, school, marriage, and a holiday based on some things you found out in the book. A diary entry? A letter from the past?u

• Write a first-hand “pretend” journal entry as if you were a traveler back then. Talk about your camel ride, where you stayed, and how the country and city compared.

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