HW due Fri., 11/12, and Mon. 11/15

Due Friday:
 Read in the ISLAM textbook (hardcover), pp. 4-7.

Bring a bag lunch and modest clothing for the field trip to the mosque. We might be back after 2:30.

Note: If you are having trouble in the "I felt uncomfortable when" category," you can write more for the other categories, or you can make up a new category. This is the friendliest experience we've ever had, and you are also a very well prepared class, perhaps because of our conflict unit. You understand other people's points of view better than most seventh graders! 
-- Ms. Allen on Sunday morning....

Due Monday:
Mosque reaction == 3-part chart and illustration. You will get this in writing tomorrow, but here is the assignment for you to think about.

A Visit to the Mosque:

 Reaction Assignment

Field trips are experiences for all the senses. Use your eyes and ears and nose. Look, listen, question, observe. The trip to the Islamic Center of New York, at 96th Street and Lexington, might feel like a visit to a foreign land. You will be a welcome visitor, but don’t expect to feel at home. It will be different!

Homework due Monday:
React to the experience by first THINKING about it. Later, write up your reflections this way:
  • Make a chart with three sides. One should say “I appreciated . . . ,” “I felt uncomfortable when . . .,” and “I would like to know more about . . .” 
  • In addition to words, turn in another sheet of paper with some kind illustrations/drawings to your reaction chart. Draw some designs from the mosque, or pictures of people praying. It doesn’t matter if you’re a good artist!
  • So, you should turn in two things: a chart and a drawing. You can put them on one main page or two smaller pages.
  • The assignment can be done by hand or on a computer – up to you.

I appreciated . . .
(at least 3 things)
I felt uncomfortable
when . . . (at least 3 things)
I would like to know more about . . .(at least 3 things)

Do not use this sheet.

Put your answers on a …

chart you make yourself.

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