HW due Fri., 11/20

Read the first three pages (pp. 1-3 only) of the Spread of Islam packet (new one). These are all primary sources. There are questions sprinkled throughout the pages -- no questions on p. 1, just one question on p. 2, and three questions on p. 3. Wow, that's not very much work!

Write your answers below the questions or in the margins of the packet, not on separate paper -- that way, everything will be all together. It's OK if your work is all "twisty" and "winding".

IF YOU WERE ABSENT: I left copies of the packet in the Front Office in case someone is picking up work for you. Niamh and Gabe, I also left your buddy letters for you. You can make up your tests as soon as you get back. You can also turn in your buddy letters/gifts tomorrow.

Amnesty International Meeting: Tuesday (bring pizza money tomorrow and Monday)
Community Service Table Planning Meeting: Monday (sign up with Ms. Allen)
C.S. Reports: Be sure to turn them in to Ms. Allen and to fill out an index card about your report if you were absent.

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