HW due Tue., 10/27

You will be writing an analytical paragraph, describing but also explaining HOW Islam began and spread in the world.

The working title can be: "The Origins and Spread of Islam."

You will be able to use the laptops in class tomorrow to work on your rough drafts.

Homework due tomorrow: Bring, in electronic format (flash drive, emailed), your ideas. Can be in prose or bullet points.

List the things you want to discuss. Look in your books (both of them are helpful) and your notes. Don't just say what places Islam went to you. You'll also have to say HOW Islam spread. Maybe why? Plan on making it an interesting paragraph, but it must be a paragraph, not an essay, so you won't be able to rattle off every fact you can think of. What do you want to focus on? What examples do you want to highlight?

You will also be assigned a creative project tomorrow as well.

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