HW due Thu., 10/29

The Prayer Manual (Creative Project)

Look over the pages in your Islam textbook, pp. 16-23.

Based on these pages, create a MANUAL FOR PRAYER for Muslims.

Think about what to do before prayer and during prayer.

What preparations?

What would you say?

How would it be at home?

In a mosque?

Create a special brochure (can be folded or flat), not on notebook paper.

Make it special.

Illustrate it. Use color. Be neat.

The Analytical Paragraph:

"The Origins and Spread of Islam"

You will be writing an analytical paragraph, describing but also explaining HOW Islam began and spread in the world. What you turn in will be a typed ROUGH DRAFT.

Give it a different title. Make your title more interesting, but the information has to cover both of these things. You can choose to emphasize the origins or the spread.

Don't just say what places Islam went to you. You'll also have to say HOW Islam spread. Maybe why? Plan on making it an interesting paragraph, but it must be a paragraph, not an essay, so you won't be able to rattle off every fact you can think of. What do you want to focus on? What examples do you want to highlight?

A paragraph should be at least five sentences, but one of this scope could be, and should be longer, up to ten sentences. Longer than that would be too much.

Don’t show off every fact you know Make choices.


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