HW due Thu., 6/4, and Fri., 6/5

HW due Fri., 6/5

1. Read AJ., pp. 136-9. Answer #2-5, p. 139.

2. Choose a topic for your "personal declaration of independence." Then, make a mini-outline of the main points of your declaration, like this:

I. Preamble -- In the course of student events, it becomes necessary to declare independence from cruel teachers.
II. What should be -- Students have a right to kindness and fair treatment.
III. The reality -- However, some teachers abuse students' rights and give them too much work.
IV. The target -- Ms. Allen
V. The grievances -- She has given us too much homework, she has tortured us with lectures, etc.
IV. The conclusion -- Therefore, I declare independence from cruel Ms. Allen.

HW that WAS due Thu., 6/4

Read AJ, pp. 132-135, #2-5.

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