HW due Mon., 6/8

1. Bring your AJ textbook from home, the atlas, the EYEWITNESS book, and any other SS texts.


Using the outline provided for you on the handouts (do read them, they help), follow the original document's structure to make your own declaration, similar in structure to the example provided on the homework due on Friday, June 5 (see below). This time, write it out completely.

You have two options: use modern language, or borrow heavily from Thomas Jefferson, and substitute your own words to make the document fit your topic. Important: if you use 18th c. language, don't make it too long or use any language you don't understand. Or, you can do a combination.

Here is a suggestion about how long each section should be, at a minimum (could be longer):

I. Preamble (1 or 2 sentences)
II. What should be -- the ideal (2 or 3 sentences) We hold these truths to be self evident...
III. The reality -- the sad facts about how things actually are (2 sentences)
IV. The target -- what you're declaring independence from (1 sentence).
From now on, that target will have a specific pronoun in the following list....
V. The list of grievances (10 or more sentences -- the more the better)
VI. Conclusion -- actually officially declare independence (2 or 3 sentences)
You can sign it at the end. For some topics, it could be fun to have others sign it, too.

You probably will want to put a title at the top:

Preparation of the document: It does not have to be burned or stained. You can use regular paper and just cut it in a curvy way along the top and bottom edges after you print it, and use a nice font. If you do burn it, remember, it's not required. Stain suggestions: use tea to stain the paper, let it dry, and then print it. Then, you can burn the edges. Make sure you have it saved...just in case!

We will make this declarations aloud in front of the class on Monday and Tuesday.

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