Here is the link to the Washington Press Correspondents Dinner:

Your Renaissance Essay!

Please do not forget a BIBLIIOGRAPHY. It must be included at the end of the essay (a separate page or a continuation). Use BibMe or Noodle Tools or the SLS Library website for help in formatting it if you have forgotten. Two of the books are already formatted for you in proper form on the second page of the handout for the assignment. Any cited quote must also have a corresponding book/website in your bibliography in alphabetical order.

Send your essay to me electronically to kimallenschool@gmail.com. Please use normal fonts and margins. You do not need a title page, but please include a title and an updated date and heading. DOUBLE SPACE THE ESSAY.

I will email you back with comments and a grade, along with directions about how to give me parent feedback.

The essay is due by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, May 10.

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