HW due Wed., 4/6

Please get your Machiavelli/Borgia project sheet signed. Bring the signature and the "found" letters back to school on Wednesday.

Explore the WORLD MONUMENTS FUND website:


Find the "watch list" and look at a bunch of endangered sites/buildings. Then, choose one that you personally really, really like.

Write TWO paragraphs.

1. In this paragraph, write from your own perspective. You LIKE this site/building. Describe its name, location, history, use, condition, reason for being endangered, and any other important information. OPTIONAL: include a photograph.

2. In this paragraph, pretend you are a Renaissance humanist. You may or may not like this building. Consider what someone from the late 1400s or early 1500s might like. Consult pp. 28-33 of The Italian Renaissance for ideas. Write your opinion about this building/site. Here are some words you might use:

a. columns/pilasters
b. domes
c. arches, vaults
d. niches
e. pediments
f. cornices
g. Doric, Ionic, Corinthian
h. symmetry, symmetrical
i. harmony, harmonious

Later, you will choose your own Renaissance identity.

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