HW due Friday, Feb. 4, and also Wed., Feb. 2, and Thu., Feb. 3

Your mission: finish your website, including editing of all prior work, by Friday, February 4.

Here are some of the links that I have not yet looked at. You can also look at the site sample site to download the assignment, look at the outline requirements (top bun and bottom bun), and  make sure you have all the proper links.


 Log In Page:

Edited Islamic Empires Paragraph (edit it)
Human Rights Topics # 1 and # 2 (go to Mideast Youth site and link from their topics, or use Tunisia)
Mideast Youth (suggestion -- link to their "About Us" page)
Free Choice  (must relate to Middle East, past or present)
Edit the Pages You've Already Done (corrections, add things, design)
Website Design
Home Page


Read the article about Egypt, watch the news/internet video tonight (not tomorrow) about the massive planned protests, and write the reflections as assigned. Do that tonight (Wednesday). We will discuss it in class on Wednesday.

Due Thursday:
Map Worksheets. You will also get something else to do in class. We are going to start the Renaissance.

You may continue to work on your websites throughout the week, but we are going to talk about current events and begin the Renaissance in class.

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