HW due Fri., 1/21, and Mon., 1/24

For Friday, make a skeleton outline on the outline link of your web page. Here are some reminders to make your "skeleton" a strong one:

1. Use complete sentences for the items which are Roman numerals.

2. Think of the research information as the burger and make "buns" at the beginning and ending, sort of like topic sentences. They can each be Roman numerals that don't have any sub-categories. Think of them like an overall thesis statement for Islamic empires -- something like "Islamic empires were very advances for their time" or "Life in Islamic empires was very sophisticated and organized."

3. Think of each subdivision as if you were cutting up a pie -- you have to cut up a category into two or more pieces. If you have an A, you have to have at least a B. If a I, then a II or more. If a 1, then a 2 or  more...

For Monday, finish your detailed outline using most (but not all, especially if you took a lot of notes) of your best notes. This outline should be posted on the web link.

Also, finish your music link or links. Put the music itself as a link, with pictures and descriptions.

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