HW due Fri., 12/10, and Mon., 12/13

Amnesty International Meeting on Thursday. Bring $.

Due Friday:

Study for and be ready to take a quiz on Middle East geography. Use the atlas and the practice map given to you on the back of the worksheet packet.

Also due Friday is a rough draft of a graded paragraph that will replace a quiz on the topics we have been studying lately. You can choose how you want to specialize, but you have to meet these criteria:

1. Rough draft = Friday (handwritten or typed)
2. Final draft = Monday (typed, doubled spaced, normal fonts and margins)
3. Topic has to do with the spread of Islam
4. You have a topic sentence/thesis statement (sort of the style you have been learning in English)
5. It is a hefty, substantial paragraph (five or more sentences), but it is not an essay.
6. It includes at least one primary source quote (include who said it or where it's from within the text).
7. Paragraph has at least three explanations/details/examples -- make this interesting
8. You can and should specialize in some area -- you can't talk about the whole topic of the spread of Islam in one paragraph. Some suggestions are: medicine/science/advanced technology, military might, the way Muslims conquered and/or ruled as an empire, Islamic culture, etc. vs. Europeans at the time (could be included with some other topics), how the religion affected their culture and way of life, one particular empire or place, the multicultural aspects of Muslim empires, or something else you want to zero in on. The important thing is that you choose a focus that interests you and that you can write effectively about. Something to consider is what topic has a good quote or quotes you can use.
9. This paragraph counts like a quiz. The idea is to get away from memorizing and to have you learning all the time, even when you are getting graded.

10. Good luck! But working hard counts, too.

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