HW due Fri., 10/22 - Tue., 10/26

Due Friday, 10/22:
Get your pink Green-Wood project sheet 1) signed by a parent, 2) read -- by you, and 3) filled in -- the hypothesis. Please really look it over carefully so you are ready for tomorrow. You can run by any different project ideas with me on the subway or at during the trip.

What a good idea -- bring a camera! You can document your site and use the images to complete your project.

Don't forget to bring your lunch.

Due Monday, 10/25:
Study for the quiz on both packets (see earlier posts below).

Due Tuesday, 10/26:

We are going to look at  real life conflict now: the potential building of an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero.
Read the article given out to you by Mr. Mason, or click this link here, print it, and highlight the areas where you see "conflict" to analyze.
Article about Conflict over Mosques

Then, explore at least one other article or multimedia item at this link (slide show, graphic, or movie), to give you a fuller idea about the conflict. Write it down. Come to class prepared to discuss it and the conflict.
Page of Resources about Islamic Center

Remember, your GREEN-WOOD CHRONICLES project will be due Wednesday, November 3.

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