HW due Mon., 6/6, and Tue., 6/8

If you can't reach me by email to approve your topic, send me a text by cell phone: 646 734 4795. Be sure to say WHO you are. If I still don't answer, just send the email, and go ahead with your topic...

PLEASE BRING ALL TEXTBOOKS TO CHECK IN: American Journey, Classroom Atlas (for some, this also includes Eyewitnesses and other books you may not have turned in before).

Decide on your topic for the Personal Declaration of Independence. Approve it ahead of time by emailing me (see address above). Then proceed.
Write an outline and then write the draft up through the complaints/grievances.

If you want to finish the whole draft, go right ahead.

You can ask for help on Monday, or also email me for assistance over the weekend.

Final Draft of the Personal Declaration. Finish writing it, and then make it "special." You can decide what that means.
These declarations will be read aloud in class on Tuesday, from 10:00-11:30, our last class.

For those of you who see this blog and may have been part of the group that lobbied for a cancellation, I hope you will all keep a positive attitude about this assignment. This is a long-standing tradition at St. Luke's. I have never had a class before that has asked to not do this assignment, as some of you suggested. Historically, this has been a very popular activity. I hope this attitude is not a reflection of what I can expect from you in Grade 8, or from you on this assignment on Tuesday. These are the final days of school, and I challenge you to stay focused and positive.

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