HW due Thu., 3/4

Fill out the project sheet. See below for interview tips from class.

Work on your interview booklet...it's not "due," but you need it done by Friday, and if you want feedback, you'll need to get if from me tomorrow.

You MUST have the interview book ready for Friday.


Plan your interview. Think of questions. Bring paper/pen/recorder. Write down questions.
Prepare the interview. Tell your buddy why you're interviewing him or her (explain project). Start with easier, casual questions (you should keep the whole interview informal). Start with jokes or something to make/him or her at ease. Say thank you beforehand.

During Interview:
Don't ask just yes/no questions. Don't be afraid of silence. Ask follow up questions. Be ready to ask again or rephrase questions. Be sensitive. If it seems uncomfortable, ask if it is, and be willing to go in a different direction. Ask questions about personal life and immigration. Be friendly. Be sure to say thank you afterwards.

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