HW due Mon., Tue., and Wed., 2/.8-10

In case anyone was checking, no community service reports are due (even though the schedule says so).


Write Buddy Letter.

Tuesday: Quiz. Tips Below.

Wednesday: Revised "Promises"Essay. You can get extra help from Ms. Allen at lunch recess on Monday or Tuesday. ATTACH YOUR ROUGH DRAFT AND THE ROUGH DRAFT SHEET TO YOUR FINAL DRAFT!


Study topics....

Basic European geography
Vocabulary terms
Difference between Renaissance and Middle Ages
Why the Renaissance started in Italy (geographic location, economics of Italy)
Florence and the Medici, including their patronage of Brunelleschi and others

Materials to study....

Italian Renaissance book -- pages assigned and questions
Rats book -- but don't worry about memorizing all the information -- focus on the worksheets
New time travel book: here are some useful pages to help you study..
(5-11, 28-29, 54-63 -- but not everything on these pages, just some things)

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