HW due Tue., 12/15

Sorry I was absent today. I will try to be at school tomorrow, but I will be very "low energy." I hear you had a great substitute (Ms. Brody).

Since you didn't get the feedback on your annotated bibliography rough drafts, the revised bibliographies you turn in tomorrow should be improved and updated with any new sources you used, deleting sources you think were useless. Fix anything you know is wrong. Make sure the annotations are on the same page as the bib. entries (not two sheets).

Tomorrow, I will try to give you back the corrections and the quizzes, and you can fix anything in your bibliography you need to fix in time for the final project deadline, which is Tuesday, January 5.

Also, if there is anything you need to do in terms of organizing your notes, do it tonight -- tomorrow we will have the laptops and begin working on our outlines in class.

Tonight might also be a good time to go on nicenet again. You need to do so by Thursday -- the index card is due by then.

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