HW due Fri., 9/18

Study for the Human Rights Quiz. Things to study:

1. Notes we took from the board on the UDHR, MDGs, and how they are goals, not achievements (what are some examples of real human rights law agreements? --- you'll have to choose things like the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the U.S. Constitution).

2. The history of the UDHR -- its origins in WWII, the reasons it was written, examples of genocide past and present, when it was written, the U.N., and so on. Use your packet and notes.

3. Study the UDHR and know some of the rights.

4. Study the MDGs and know ALL of them very, very well.

5. Know about two ways to classify or categorize rights, as we studied in the packet and in class. How do moral and legal rights conflict? Note that something CAN be a moral, legal, and human right at the same time. Be familiar with the 1st/2nd/and 3rd generation classifications, too, but you won't have to actually put rights into categories.


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