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ESSAY: Early Colonists and Native Americans

Assignment: Using what you have learned or will learn about the encounters between early English settlers and Native Americans in North America, you will write an essay of three or more paragraphs.


In an introductory paragraph, provide a thesis showing a point of view about the relationship between Native Americans and colonists. In the introduction and then in greater detail in the body, tell us about the Jamestown and Plymouth settlers. Furthermore, introduce us to their American counterparts in Virginia and Massachusetts. Explain what happened. However, weave a thesis throughout the essay that “says” something interesting rather than merely reports fact. State a hypothesis (your thesis), and then back it up with interesting details. BONUS POSSIBILITY: THE DUTCH AND THE MOHAWKS.

Interesting Details – Ahem:

There is nothing more interesting than a primary source. What kind of primary sources do you have at your fingertips? Well, Powhatan certainly had something to say (Eyewitnesses, pp. 16-17), and William Bradford wrote about Native Americans, too (pp. 23-25). You can use other primary sources, but quoting them is enough for one short essay.

How to Quote Sources in an Essay: If you are quoting one of these sources, mention who says it in your text. If it’s a fact you’re not quoting, name the source in your sentence, or put it in parentheses. Here are examples:

If it’s a quote: According to Powhatan, the chief, or sachem, of the Native Americans of tidewater Virginia, “Take away your guns and swords, the cause of all our jealousy, or you may die in the same manner” (16).

If it’s a fact: The Pilgrims made peace for 24 years after a negotiation, including these rules: 1) not to injure each other, 2) to aid each other in unjust wars, and 3) to leave their bows and arrows behind them when approaching (Bradford. 24-25)

Or you can say: According to William Bradford in Of Plymouth Plantation, the Pilgrims made peace for 24 years after a negotiation to not be violent toward one another ((24-25).

Bibliography: At the end of your essay, include a bibliography showing the book where you got your primary sources. Do it like this:

Bell, James H., ed. Eyewitnesses and Others: Readings in American History, Vol. I. Austin: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1996.

“A Speech by Powhatan” (1609).

“Bradford Describes the Founding of Plymouth Plantation” (1620).

Style: Use your best formal writing voice. Do not use first/second person (I, we, you), contractions, or slang. Pay attention to writing mechanics and grammar. Indent your paragraphs. Check for spelling in all drafts. Use normal fonts and margins.

à History Mystery Notes: This essay is a history essay. Let your reader know the place (North America, English colonies, Virginia or Massachusetts.) and the time period (early 1600s or early 17th century) at the beginning of the piece. Use the past tense when talking about the past. Put things in CHRONOLOGICAL order.

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