HW due Thursday, 10/30

There is no class on Wednesday due to Parent/Teacher conferences.

If you did not do so already, you should have your parent "binder chat."

For Thursday: work on your COMMUNITY SERVICE REPORT. The report is due Monday, November 3, but you will have another assignment over the weekend in preparation for the election. Take your post its home with you. Refer to information below for how to prepare the report:


You will turn in a word-processed document to Ms. Allen with a St. Luke’s heading that answers each of these questions for each different type of activity. For example, if you went to a couple of Amnesty meetings, you can put them in one paragraph, and write a different paragraph for a different activity. Make sure the work is done up to SLS standards for 7th/8th grade writing.

WHAT and WHERE were the events? Describe them.

WHEN did they take place – and for how long? Keep a running total of your hours on each monthly report.

WHY were these activities meaningful examples of community service? What did you learn from them? How did they help others?

Helpful Tip: Every time you complete service, note it somewhere in your plan book. As soon as possible, slip a note with the date/place/how much, etc. into your folder in Ms. Allen’s classroom. You can then take the folder home with you (and bring it back!) to complete your reports.

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