Homework due Monday, 3/10

Write your architecture essay -- should be at least four paragraphs. Here is the assignment description below. Also, be sure to have included information in your introduction about the Renaissance, the type of architecture (classical) that you like, and how you got into the situation of critiquing other architecture and what sites you are reviewing. Be organized. Make sure you include images of the sites and follow the directions.

Review (discuss and criticize) these two architecture designs using the voice of your imaginary identity. Your article should have an introduction (topics = Renaissance and architecture), a body, and a conclusion. Be sure to mention the titles of the designs and/or the architects in your review, as well as other information from your worksheet and the website. Yes, your person can most definitely “time travel”. Make sure you sound knowledgeable. Above all, employ your best formal writing skills (may use “I”).

Include a title. Proofread your work for:

    1. spelling
    2. grammar
    3. word repetition – go for variety
    4. sentence structure – go for variety
    5. graphics and design – make it look nice.
  1. Finally, as a part of the text for your review, include a picture of each of the two designs you chose to review. They do not have to be in color, but make the layout with the photos look good.

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