Homework for Monday, 11/27

In class on Tuesday, the "empires" group will present its PowerPoint.

This assignment is due WEDNESDAY :


Using the website for the Coalition of Imokalee Workers (http://www.ciw-online.org), do research on any aspect of their work that interests you, including the "Exploitation King" campaign.

Create a poster on paper which is at least double-sized and unlined, but could be bigger.

Make this work neat and special.

Use color and good graphic design. It could be handmade or use computer graphics, or both.

Make a clear headline with the purpose stated (could be about these workers' issues in general, or it could be about one specific campaign).

Mention the Coalition, Lucas Benitez, and the website address.

Give at least five supporting facts.

Mention human rights somewhere in your poster.

Mention at least one Millennium Development Goal.

Provide illustrations that enhance your message.

Put your name somewhere on the front of the poster.

These posters will adorn the Auditorium for Human Rights Day, so they are much more than just "homework." They are a part of our campaign to end modern slavery!

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