Homework due Friday, 11/9

1. Keep taking notes and ORGANIZING them. Because of the mixup about volleyball, I will not be counting any cards tomorrow, but you should probably have at least 35. I will be checking the quality and that you are organizing them.

2. I will also check your thesis statements.

3. Get your bibliography quizzes signed.

4. OPTIONAL HOMEWORK. If you wish to do this as Community Service (not required), please send an email to all of the people below.
Send an email to the president of Pakistan (from his website) and an email to the two ministers and the ambassadors (you can send one email to all three).


They don't have to be long -- talk about protecting a few prisoners (use some names), about their safety, and about the importance of respecting the Constitution.I

NFORMATION:UA 292/07 Illegal detention/prisoner of conscience
Asma Jahangir (f)Hina Jilani (f)Iqbal Haider (m)I. A. Rehman (m)Brigadier (rtd) Rao Abid Hameed (m)Shahtaj Qizilbash (f)Imran Qureshi (m)
At least 48 other human rights defenders detained in the state of emergency
Asma Jehangir, Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has been placed under house arrest following the state of emergency imposed on 3 November by General Musharraf. ....

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send appeals to arrive as quickly as possible:- expressing concern for the safety of human rights defenders and others who have been arbitrarily arrested and detained under the country’s preventive detention orders;- urging the authorities to ensure that no one is subjected to torture or any other form of cruel inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment;- urging the authorities it immediate provide medical treatment to detainees who are suffering from ill health;- calling on the authorities to release immediately human rights defenders and others arrested under preventive detention measures, who are not charged with recognizably criminal offences, or are detained solely for the exercise of their rights to freedom of expression, association or assembly;- urging the authorities to cease arbitrary arrests and detentions under the state of emergency;- calling on the authorities to protect and uphold the constitutional human rights guarantees, including safeguards on life and liberty.

E-mailPresident Pervez Musharraf via website: http://www.presidentofpakistan.gov.pk/WTPresidentMessage.aspx

Mr Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao
Minister for the Interior
E-mail: minister@interior.gov.pksecretary@interior.gov Salutation: Dear Minister

Mr Zahid Hamid
Minister of Law, Justice and Human RightsS
E-Mail: minister@molaw.gov.pk Salutation: Dear Minister

Ambassador Mahmud Ali Durrani
Email: info@pakistan-embassy.org

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