Homework for Monday, Jan. 23 (Due Tuesday)

Do the activities on the first page of the Renaissance Humanist sheet handed out in class today. A copy of that handout is included here in purple. It doesn't include the photos or the formatting. For homework tonight, do #1-3 (type up biography, explore website, pick five and get photos, answer questions for each one -- to be turned in).

A Renaissance Humanist Reviews Architecture from Another Place or Time
The Assignment:
1. Create an imaginary identity and write a biography of yourself.
* name * family status/background
* age * education * where from
* interests * associates/colleagues
* works you’ve written/created/invented

A biographical paragraph should be included at the bottom of the final assignment so the reader will know who the reviewer is.

2. Consider a Renaissance humanist’s perspective about architecture. What kind of features of architecture would you value? What kinds of vocabulary words would you use? Write them here:

3. Look at the designs in the website from the World Monuments Fund:
This organization has chosen 100 “endangered” architectural sites in the world. Go to the interactive map and look into them. After exploring, choose FIVE to focus on.
Requirements = more than one continent, and not all old or new architecture.

For each site, collect and neatly type up this information:
A good photo of the site (you can also find more images by using the Google search engine for images)

Name, purpose, and location of site

Why it’s on the list – why it’s worth saving!

Why it’s endangered


4. Apply your understanding of Renaissance architecture to a critique (judgment backed up with reasons) of three of the architectural sites above. Which ones did you decide on? Write them here:

5. Review (discuss and criticize) these three architecture designs using the voice of your imaginary identity. Your article should have an introduction (topics = Renaissance and architecture), a body, and a conclusion. Be sure to mention the titles of the designs and/or the architects in your review, as well as other information from your worksheet and the website. Yes, your person can most definitely “time travel”. Make sure you sound knowledgeable. Above all, employ your best formal writing skills (may use “I”).

Include a title. Proofread your work for:
word repetition – go for variety
sentence structure – go for variety
graphics and design – make it look nice.
Finally, as a part of the text for your review, include a picture of each of the three designs you chose to review. They do not have to be in color, but make the layout with the photos look good. Include captions as in examples on these pages.

___ Ingredient A: Write your autobiography.
___ Ingredient B: Fill out this worksheet as you go along. Turn it in with your final work.
___ Ingredient C: Create a worksheet with the five sites you have chosen to focus on (+ pix). Turn it in with your final work.
___ Ingredient D: Create an article by your Renaissance humanist critiquing three designs. It should have a title with your imaginary and real names in the “byline”:
Example: “Eritrean Church and Incan Ruins Truly Do Have Architectural Merit”
by Alessandro Giottoesco (Kim Allen)
Example: “Dutch Reformed Church and Calcutta Square Merit Preservation”
by Giovanni Da Vincitti (Kim Allen).
Your article should be written from your person’s point of view. Also, it should include photos of the sites under discussion.
___ Ingredient E: At the bottom of the review, include your biography as a separate section (different font). DO NOT USE A ST. LUKE’S SCHOOL HEADING.

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