Homework for Tuesday, Sept. 13 (Due Wed.)

1. Type up your community service goals (3) with a SLS heading and writing up to 7/8 standards. You'll eventually have to have them in a document in your folder on the network once Mr. Travalgione has a chance to review them.

2. Continue studying the MDGs -- be able to recite and explain them by the Friday quiz. You'll also have some questions about the Human Rights Packet and the "One" campaign.

3. Complete the "One" campaign poster, as described below:

ONE Campaign Poster: How Can We Work Together as One?

Due Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2005
General Expectations:
¨Create a poster that demonstrates the importance of a global partnership to improve the world record on social and economic rights.
¨ Show off your graphic design skills.
¨ Advertise a good cause.
Specific Requirements for the “Look”:
1. Poster must be in time – tomorrow by 3:15.
2. It should be larger-than-usual, about double the size of a piece of notebook paper. You can tape two pieces of printer paper together.
3. Color is essential. You may use a color printer, colored pencils, magic markers, cut-outs from magazines, and any array of materials.
4. Good graphic design will empower of your message.
5. Include all the required CONTENT. A pretty poster with nothing to say is not enough.
Specific Requirements for the “Content”:
6. You used the “ONE” concept as a part of your message. Try to be original. Come up with your own “riff” on what “one” can mean. You may also use ideas from the websites.
7. Speaking of websites, include at least one URL in your poster.
8. Mention some of the MDGs in your poster (you don’t have to include them all). A specific example about the reality of life for people in developing countries can be a powerful way to interest your audience.
9. Make sure all the information you include is factually correct. Use the websites on the homework blog to get information.
10. Use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and so on. Keep all writing you do at St. Luke’s up to Gr. 7/8 standards.

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