Homework for Friday, September 30 (Due Monday)

1. Think of two controversial issues in the news these days. Describe three very different points of view for each one. Who would hold each view? Why?

2.Community Service Report for September, including revised goals at top and a running total of hours listed. Here are the directions:
On the first of each month, turn in a word-processed document to Ms. Allen with a St. Luke’s heading that answers each of these questions for each different activity. Write it in PARAGRAPH form, and make sure the work is done up to SLS standards for 7th/8th grade writing.
Mr. Travalgione and Ms. Allen will keep copies of your goals and reports and will work with you individually and as a group to implement your goals and reflect on your service learning.

WHAT was the event? Describe it.
WHERE was the activity?
WHEN did it take place – and for how long? Keep a running total of your hours on each monthly report.
WHY was your activity a meaningful example of community service? What did you learn from it? How did you help others?

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